3 Things to Know About Getting a Baby Root Canal from a Pediatric Dentist

Baby Root Canal Lake Worth, FL

Wondering whether your child needs to undergo baby root canal therapy? Pediatric dentists are dental specialists for children, making it so many parents are choosing to take their child to a pediatric dentist to provide their child with any necessary dental services. Parents can ask this dental professional any questions they have that pertain to their child’s oral health.

Why baby root canals are needed

While root canals do save teeth, preventing the need for one in the first place is preferred. Some of the more common signs that may suggest that a child would need to undergo this procedure to improve their oral health include red gums, swollen gums, tooth sensitivity, discomfort or pain and darkening in or around a tooth.

3 Things to know about what happens during a baby root canal

The list below includes information that every parent needs to know regarding the tooth canal process for children.

1. The child will be completely numbed

Children will be given a local anesthetic (or a higher level of sedation, as needed) before undergoing root canal therapy to repair the affected tooth. This means they will not feel anything during the procedure, as making children feel completely comfortable during their dental treatment is a priority for pediatric dentists. When it comes to the type of numbing treatment a child will need, it depends on the child, making it necessary for the parents and the dentist to make this decision beforehand.

2. The child will need a dental crown

Once the affected tooth has been successfully treated, a baby dental crown is placed over the tooth. Crowns are necessary to ensure that the tooth retains its integrity, as the reason for the therapy is to save the tooth from being lost forever. There are different types of dental crowns to choose from, making it necessary for the parents and the dentist to discuss these options before the therapy is performed. Common choices include metal crowns, ceramic crowns and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.

3. The procedure takes between 30 and 60 minutes

The entire root canal procedure will take an average of about 45 minutes to perform. It will depend on the extent of the tooth’s damage when it comes to how long the therapy will take. For parents who want an idea of how long it will specifically take their child to undergo the procedure, the dentist can let them know once their child has been fully evaluated. This is a short amount of time to repair a child’s tooth, as all teeth play an important role in the overall health of a child’s mouth.

Does your child currently need a baby root canal?

Now that it is understood why a child may need to undergo root canal therapy, parents know the importance of making a dental appointment as soon as possible to address any dental issues. It really is essential for parents to ensure their child’s first set of teeth are healthy, as healthy baby teeth support healthy permanent teeth.

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